Couples Counselling

Sometimes it can be difficult for a couple to see eye to eye and when that happens, Both of you in a relationship can feel more alone than ever and the only way forward seems to be to part.  This is where couples counselling might help. 


Couples counselling works by allowing both of you to feel heard both by the counsellor and by your partner. It also supports you both in hearing things that make you feel distressed. It's not a way to win an argument in the presence of a referee buta chance for your views to be validated without judgment and sometimes it works by taking the heat out of your differences and allowing you to see another viewpoint without abandoning your own beliefs. 


David offers counselling for couples that embraces difference. Appointments are available in Norwich or in Banham. 

Contacting us

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m: 07748 762 558 - David

m: 07909 505 831 - Pam


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