Life Coaching

Life Coaching is offered as an alternative to counselling when appropriate. Barriers to success are not always found by exploring the past and how past experiences effect the present day subconscious, but may be found by being able to find clarity of purpose. However, although Life Coaching  does not focus on on the past, it can be used to explore any self-limiting beliefs the create barriers to success.


Life Coaching can be effective in exploring:

  • Career goals
  • Educational opportunities
  • Personal or professional development
  • Relationships
  • Life changes or transitions


Sessions are longer in duration than for counselling but are less frequent (typically 90 minutes rather than 60 minutes).  The purpose of each session is too focus on challenges and barriers, to explore the options and opportunities, and to set achievable goals. This might be a step-by-step process and the longer periods between sessions allows time for you to recognise and measure tangible results or to observe and recognise previously unknown barriers that present themselves. This places you at the heart of the process as it you that sets the agenda for meetings. My task is to facilitate this and ensure that your agenda is focussed on enabling you to achieve your goals.  Over time, this enables you to assimilate fully your learning from the Life Coaching Process.


Contacting me

t: 01953 888 584

m: 07748 762 558 - David


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