Mindfulness Courses and Workshops

The programme is a rollimg course of workshops that teaches you to create a more positive relationship with yourself. Using mindfulness, meditation and visualisation it connects with your real-world existence where family and work responsibilities and pressures are ever present. You will learn how anxiety is just as much a physical as an emotional condition and how to create a more harmonious mind-body connection. You will explore your own relationship with anxiety and how anxiety can represent a low-level nagging fear, or sometimes terror, which can sometimes give rise to outbursts of anger.


You will learn how to treat yourself with compassion and to extend your feelings of compassion to those you love. In this way you will learn to treat yourself more kindly but without destructive self-pity.


Going beyond this, the course encourages you to examine your relationship with yourself and through that with others, be that family or work colleagues, and to create a new compassionate relationship with yourelf.  By learning to be mindfull you can challenge and change distructive beliefs for the better.


The courses are presented by David Spicer, an experienced UKCP Registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Mindfulness-Based CBT practitioner who has over 20 years experience in meditation and has undergone extensive tmindfullness raining  to offer this course.


Course starting:

3rd April 2019






Norwich Wellbeing Centre


The course is aimed at small groups of no more than 12 so please book early to avoid dissapointment.


For more information please phone or email. 

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